The Empower Fitness Team


Standing from left to right:
Liz Hart- Website Designer, Creator of Logo & Editor of Newsletter (and all things marketing!)
Deborah Barger- Recipe Connoisseur & Coordinator of Events (and her recipes are amazing!)
Carmela Pine- GORUCK Competitor & Enthusiast of all Fitness Events (she may even convince you to compete!)
Nicole Varnes- Bookkeeper & Early Morning Workout Guru (5:30 am classes, always!)
Amy Vazquez- Leader of all things FUN (bringing the fun wherever she goes!)
Megan Barger- Master of keeping everyone in line and on track (someone's gotta do it!)

Kneeling from left to right:
Kelly Nyman- *Certified Trainer with her very own, awesome testimonial (go check it out here!)
Donald Hart- *Certified Trainer and yes, he's the only male (how lucky!)
Celeste Jones- *Certified Trainer, Owner & MASTERMIND behind Empower Fitness (thank you, Celeste!)
Not pictured:
Lisa Arthur- *Certified Trainer & Massage Therapist
Katie Cole-Kelly- *Certified Trainer
Anne Hruskoci- *Certified Tranier

Virginia Paradis- Massage Therapist, Movement & Strength Trainer & Yoga Instructor. Visit Virginia's website at

* indicates a trainer who has completed a fitness certification through a nationally recognized Personal Training Certification Organization